New Address…

2 09 2011

Okay, I’ve been working on a real doozy of a blog for weeks now, and I will try to finish it soon.  It’s going to be a novel, of epic proportions, whenever I do finish it.  I’ve been so lazy this summer, and I apologize for that.  But, for now I just need to tell anyone that cares that I have moved.  Still love the family I was with, just needed a bit of peace and independence.  Got the first one, still working on getting the second…but it will happen!  I will cook my own food and come and go as I please, as God is my witness!  And yes, I did recently re-watch Gone With the Wind.  I love the classics, gotta get more of them.

Okay, here it is in English

SKO, Tulkibas Region

T. Ryskulov Village

69 Salimbai Ahmetov Street

Kazakhstan 161300


AND in Kazakh,

ОҚО Түлкібас ауданы
Т. Рысқұлов ауылы
Сәлімбай Ахметов көшесі 69
161300 Қазақстан

Once again, real news coming soon, as long as the start of classes doesn’t kill me from exhaustion.  I’m remembering you all fondly, everyday!




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