Corrected Address…

20 12 2010

Apparently, even though I got all of the pieces of my address, they put them together in a different order over here.  So, pay attention.  My actual, correct, for real address (I think) is

Clara Meinershagen                                                      In English now…

OKO турар Рыскулов Ауылды           South Kazakhstan Oblast, Turar Ryskulov Village

ДСУ көшесi 1 дом 4 кватера                                   DCY Street, House 1 Apt. 4

Қазақстан 161300                                                         Kazakhstan 161300

I think it might be necessary to deal with the funny KZ characters… but sometimes that makes the US postal service angry…

Sorry about the mix-up, I just figured it out myself.  A real update will come along soon…I promise.  If not before Saturday, then Merry Christmas everyone at home!




2 responses

30 12 2010

um, did you mean to leave out the second ‘a’ Kazakhstan or is that how I need to spell it? Eyiks, I hope the other stuff I sent gets to you.

30 12 2010

Just addressed an envelope using the Russian address, letters. It looks pretty bad, hope the mailman can read it.

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